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See, now I feel like I want to update. Damnit.

Things that have happened since May:

Keith and I got together.
Moved into an awesome place together.
Got a car.
I still can't drive.
We went to Paris.
We saw Skunk Anansie there.
For non-band related reasons, it was the best gig ever.
I actually go to far fewer gigs than I used to.
This is by no means a bad thing.
I am comfortable, I am happy, I am settled.
Long may it continue.

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I know, I know.

I got The Fear and deleted myself in a fit of paranoia. Now I'm rid of any incriminating evidence (I think) so I've reactivated myself so I can stalk you all some more.

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GUYS! GUYS! I'm posting this EVERYWHERE because I'm so EXCITED and like WOAH.

I hardly ever post so you can put up with one picspam right? Right.

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Ryan Adams loves me! Here's the proof:

I have already read Sad American Mythology. But it's only 40ish pages long so it's hardly surprising.

Fluff up the cushions in the abyss guys, I got a feeling Infinity Blues is gonna pull me in...